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In 2015, I entered the UK Songwriting Competition with a song called 'Refugee'. It was inspired by the heart breaking photograph of a young 3 year old toddler – Alan (Alyn) Kurdi – who washed up on a beach during the Syrian refugee crisis. The story itself is steeped in controversy but the picture helped to highlight the plight of the Refugee's. While working on the song, I came up with a number of ideas – 'musical thoughts' – which were mostly unfinished. On listening to them afterwards, I decided to gather them together on an album just as they are. They are mostly simple piano compositions which I am hoping will aid in times of quiet reflection and contemplation.

The Album, 'Refugee', is provided in mp3 format along with a PDF Book called "Refugee – A Journey To Freedom" as a download. The Album consists of 15 original instrumental  music tracks – each with a single word title. The PDF Book examines these titles against a backdrop of original photography. The idea is for you to listen to each individual track while reading the content on the corresponding pages in the book, contemplating the Bible Verse, Questions & Statements which are provided as 'thought starters'. Do not be bound by the length of each song. You may take as long as you need to contemplate what bearing the content has on your life. The intended purpose of the book is to help you to see that as 'Refugees' on this planet – we all need a Saviour to help us make sense of the confusion we may be living with. It is my prayer that going through these pages will draw you closer to understanding that Jesus is the answer to life's perplexing questions and that you may be drawn into a relationship with Him – or that you may renew your relationship with Him.

The Album & Book are now made available as a single download from this Web Site for R100-00. (If paying Internationally via PayPal – USD 9.99)

Have a listen to the samples (to the right) and then if you decide you would like to purchase the Album & Book, please do so by using the EFT Instructions to the right, or, if you are wanting to purchase from outisde South Africa, the Instructions further down on this page ("How To Obtain Refugee').

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(Alternatively, if you know me personally and we are in touch locally, I can provide the files on your flash stick or CD for a Cash Payment of R100-00)

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