TheGapMedia specializes in the production of Radio Commercials which stand out from the crowd! A variety of Voices are showcased on this page.
To the right are various DVD/ Video productions which I have voiced.

Here are two examples of a Radio Commercial utilizing the ‘Theatre Of The Mind’ concept – designed to capture the listeners attention



Some Commercials call for a bit more drama and excitement in order to get the message across. Here are two examples


‘See’ the sound, ‘Feel’ the emotions, ‘Smell’ the aroma’s


Making use of accents in appropriately themed Radio Commercials can be a fun, attention grabbing way of captivating the listener. Here are three examples



Making use of childrens voices in a Radio Commercial is a sure way of grabbing attention. Here are two examples


Perhaps you would like to use your own Voice in your Commercial. This gives your message the personal touch. Here are two examples


Perhaps you would like us to work on a song to assist in getting your message across. This was commissioned by a Roadhouse who were sponsoring a Weather Report on a local Radio Station

Or … perhaps you are just needing a simple Radio Commercial with Voice & Music. Quick and easy to produce, it will also get you results. Here are a few ‘Voice & Music’ Commercials



We also produce Radio Commercials in languages other then English. Here follows two Xhosa Radio Commercials followed by an Afrikaans Radio Commercial




And now – a Montage of snippets from Radio Commercials not featured above